Friday, February 27, 2009

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to our new home! :) I hope you like the layout. I tried to find something with red because I know how much Amy likes red!

Well, I have decided to give my Quaker Virtues a new home. I'm going to be sending it to Debby. She kept saying how much she liked the colors, and I decided I really wanted to concentrate on Quaker Christmas, so I decided to send it to her. She is going to SAL with us! :)

Here's my latest progress pic on Quaker Christmas....

Quaker Christmas as of 2/25/09

I'm stitching it on 40 ct. Vintage Examplar by Lakeside Linens with Belle Soie silks - Cranberry, Collard Greens and Butterscotch. The only thing I don't like about the Belle Soie is that it tends to fuzz up. Other than that I'm very happy with it.


  1. Hi Nicole~ I just ordered my charts... not sure which I will start... I hope to stitch along with you all...
    Love your blog!

  2. Zippty do da Zippty ay - my-o-my what a wonderful day! Thank you Nicole for starting this blog..

  3. Nicole I just can't thank you enough for this truly lovely gift!! I am just so happy to be getting such a beautiful project and it will always mean that much more to me since you started it first and then I can go from her start! Your Quaker Christmas is sooooooo pretty and I love the colors of this one too! I love the reds and the pinks too. I can hardly wait to sal with all of you here!

  4. Nicole... how much Belle Soie did you get to do Christmas on 40 ct? I am think of using Belle Soie also... on 40 ct R&R Creme Brulee

  5. Beautiful start! I have this pattern too, but I don't like the green and hadn't figured out a color I like instead. I love the red, but I'm too cheap to use silks.