Friday, April 17, 2009

Best wishes from rainy Belgium! :)))))

Hi, Everyone!
I am Elena from Antwerp regio. Me and my friend Svetlana have started Quaker Virtues together and then I have found this blog and we would like to join the SAL.
Thank you very much Nicole for including us in this group!
I have chosen 40ct Khaki Sassy’s Fabbys linen and V.Clayton silk Indigo Ocean and Flag II at first but I was not sure about the colors of floss.
I was visiting Nicole’s blog and I really liked her colors for Quaker Virtues. I am such a copycat :))))))...
Here is my progress so far…

40ct Khaki Sassy's Fabbys linen, Crescent Colours Wild Berries & Weeping Willow

Happy stitching!


  1. Welcome Elena.. Happy stitching!

  2. Beautiful start, love the colors you're using!

  3. Looks great! Glad to have inspired you on your color choices! Welcome to the SAL! :)