Thursday, May 14, 2009

QV, 4 months

I've been taking a picture on the last day of the month to mark my progress on Quaker Virtues. A few other projects have inserted themselves into my stitching queue but I still love working on this one. Wow, this thing is really growing!

Quaker Virtues (4 months)

Since this photo I have finished one more motif and the squirrel. My 9 y.o. son likes the little squirrel but he really wants me to add a turtle somewhere in the design. What do you all think, should I attempt it?


  1. Why not? Use creative license and put in a turtle. Then when you look at it throughout the years, you'll always remember you son's request.

  2. Beautiful (oops started to type finish!) progress. I have quit stitching on mine. Tired, too many other things going on, feeling over whelmed by the size and several other lame excuses. Yours is so beautiful.