Monday, December 28, 2009


Hope you all are still stitching! Just wanted to share my final picture. I met my goal of finishing in less than a year!
Quaker Virtues, finished
For my next big project I think I'll try using grid lines instead of just the centers. The top right quadrant is my favorite. I added a turtle, as my son requested, and my name and year. I chose to leave out some of the tiny motifs that were repeated. More pictures on my Flickr page. Have a happy & healthy 2010! ~Laura


  1. Absolutely stunning!! Congrats!!

  2. Beautiful!!!!! There are probably only a few people who have completed the entire thing!!!! You should be VERY proud of yourself!!!!

  3. This is just gorgeous!! Good for you for finishing, I know it is a huge project. I have the pattern and hope to do it some day soon. Can you tell me how many skeins of thread you used doing it on 40 count like you did?

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    Brenda, For the major color (brown)I started with eight 10 yard skeins + one 5 yd skein and ended up with the equivalent of two 10 yard skeins left over. Since there was some variation between each skein I cycled through all the cards rather than using one at a time. For the contrast color I bought two 5 yard skeins and have the eqivalent of one card left. Glad I had the extra for both colors! I am a frugal stitcher and using John James petite needles let me use nearly every bit of a length of floss. Also important to note, I used one strand of floss. Your mileage may vary. Best wishes for your project!

  5. It looks great Laura! I picked mine back up about 10 days ago. I'm stitching it over 1 on 25 ct & to me, it's SUPER SLOW going. I'll have to get some pics posted this weekend. Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS on your lovely, lovely finish!! Hope one of these days I can post that I've finished mine! :-)

  6. Love this one. Just bought the pattern. It was hard to see how it would turn out by the way they photographed it so it is good to see yours.

    You might want to go to my blog and see the Quaker pattern, Mouline Rouge that my mother did. It is also a gorgeous piece.

    Happy Stitching!