Sunday, March 29, 2009

small progress

Hi there,
first of all, thanks to Nicole for allowing me to join the group! I just finished a huge model I was working on, so now I am starting to stitch on MY projects again. I started my Quaker Christmas on New Year's Day, but only got to put a few stitches in before going back to the model.
I am using 25 ct. opal. Lugana with Victorian Motto Sampler Flosses. I LOVE how it is looking & look forward to the days it comes out to play!!
I must say thou, I have got to get busy on baby things as well!! Our son & DIL are expecting triplets & we were told this am to expect them to come up to 2 months before the actual due date. Grandma better hurry up!!!!


  1. Beautiful progress Shari!! I just love the threads you are using! :)

  2. Hi Shari! Good to see you here! I've been wanting to ask you a question about something I saw on your blog, but can't recall what it is now! :-) Beautiful start!